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The Chevy Nova Awards

Posted on: May 6, 2009 3:35 pm
Edited on: May 6, 2009 3:41 pm
Major League Baseball has all sorts of awards. The most popular awards include the MVP, Cy Young, Golden Glove and Rookie of the Year. Baseball fans love awards. Therefore, as a fan of baseball, I've come up with my own. My award is only for elite players whose accomplishments should be acknowledged. You probably think the MVP and Cy Young already serve this purpose. But my award is different. I call my award, "The Chevy Nova Award".

When I first started college many moons ago, I owned a 1976 Chevy Nova. It was orange with black tinted windows. Lifts were installed to lift the back end. It looked great. It looked fast. It looked intimidating. But in reality it was slower than a lawn mower. 0-60 in two hours. It was incredibly decieving because it could not live up to how it was perceived.

Keeping this description in mind, I give to you the leading candidates of the 2009 Chevy Nova Award:

For pitching, my nomination goes to C.C. Sabathia. Here we have a well known and elite pitcher in MLB. So valued and coveted was he, the New York Yankees signed him to a multi-million dollar contract and you probably used a #1 draft pick to get him on your fantasy team. Opening the 2009 season, Sabathia was a well coveted player in every way. But now we enter May 2009 and the story has changed. We have an era of 4.85 with a win/loss record of 1-3. Is he is giving runs away for free? No longer do we rub our hands together with that vicious smile on our faces when his start comes. Instead, we scratch our heads and "hope" he has a good outing. We "hope" the opposing team has mercy on him and that Sabathia can keep his era below 5. Maybe with a little luck we can get the win and limit the amount of point loss.

For hitting, the nominee for the 2009 Chevy Nova Award goes to Josh Hamilton. For those of you who didn't draft Sabathia as your #1 pick it was probably because you drafted Hamilton instead. Who would have thought Adam Lind would be producing far more fantasy points this year? I sure didn't. This Texas star was playing poorly before his rib strain so let's not use the injury as a basis for the poor statistics. You were probably expecting Hamilton to repeat 2008 (as I did). But he has been nothing but that 1976 Chevy Nova. He just looks intimidating on your team but has yet to back it up.

On one hand we look at these two elite players and scratch our heads. Afterall, it's May already. But on the other hand, it is still May. Which means we have four more months of this torture. The MVP, Cy Young, Golden Glove and Rookie of the Year awards are not given out until after the season has ended and all the statistics are in. The Chevy Nova Award should be no different. I've given my nominations now but I'm hoping it's not lived out.
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Posted on: October 22, 2009 10:32 pm

The Chevy Nova Awards

Looks like Josh Hamilton is the winner for the Chevy Nova Award 2009...

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Posted on: May 16, 2009 3:42 pm

The Chevy Nova Awards

This is a great blog.

I'd like to take a moment in providing my nominees for the Chevy Nova Awards. I'm including the three major components of baseball: batting, starters and closers. 

For hitting, I have to go with David Ortiz. 130 at-bats and all he has to show for it is a .207 batting average and zero, zilch, no home runs. This is a player who was so consistent and dominant as a batter that the mere announcement of his name indicating he was next at the plate would qualify for a run on the board for Boston. Now, the only thing he is consistent with is stepping out of the batters box after every pitch and clapping his hands once before stepping back in. That's the just of what you can expect from him, and because of it not a single fan of the game hasn't wondered if his glory days were steroid days or if his "natural" talent has finally been surpassed by age. Either way, he says he's healthy and looks great on paper...but his performance severely lacks. Therefore he is obviously the perfect candidate for the Chevy Nova Award.

For starting, I'll nominate is Chien-Ming Wang. He was easily the worst pitcher in all of MLB the first two weeks of the season. For a pitcher who was 19-6, 19-7 and 8-2 (half-season) his first three years as a Yankee, his performance in three starts the first two weeks shocked the entire fan population. Nobody could have predicted or expected such devastating performances. However, this nominee has shown signs of withdraw from the ballot with his last three minor league rehabilitation games....all of which he dominated. Perhaps this nominee is back to true form. If so, you can forget about his candidacy.

The runner up for closing is Brad Lidge. After last season, it appeared Lidge established his place as a premiere closer for a team that can easily provide run support. While Lidge has saved 5 games in the early 2009 season, he has done so with an embarrassing ERA of 9.19. His strike-out ratio is still solid, but appears every batter he doesn't strike out will do the opposite and bring in a run. It's all or nothing, and based on his ERA it appears the majority is the latter. I just don't see "it" in him this season.

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Posted on: May 13, 2009 12:44 pm

The Chevy Nova Awards

The NL Nova I would have to give to Jimmy Rollins and all his glory. Im sure when you drafted him way to high you expected him to go back to 20 homers 300 avg. but sorry to say nah not gonna happen. Hes seemed to have lost all patience at the plate (6 walks-16 KOs) and with that cant steal the bases you expect. I do believe he'll steal 35-40 bases this year but dont expect any more than 15 dingers and a 275 ba. A value you could of got from say Juan Pierre and went instead went after a dominant pitcher say Yovanni Gillardo where the value would of been much higher.

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Posted on: May 11, 2009 11:02 am

The Chevy Nova Awards

Good point about ARod. I've got him on a couple of teams. Aside from his injury problems he probably won't be stealing bases like he has in the past. He may be a perfect sell high guy right now. With Hamilton, I find his story so compelling that I really want him to succeed. Substance abuse is such a problem in our society that the Josh Hamilton "success" story can give hope to the many people that have these problems. I guess my point is that we all have preconceived ideas and prejudices about players. I think success in fantasy baseball is to identify the "Chevy Novas" and "Honda Civics" players try to get as many civics on your team as you can,

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Posted on: May 11, 2009 10:35 am

The Chevy Nova Awards

I'm not sure I would agree.  Who knows whats really up with Hamilton.  Although Lind might be exceeding everyones expectations right now, he was projected to me a very good ball player and is just starting to shine. (And yes, he'll probably not keep it at the same level as right now...but will produce.)  Same with Hamilton, and I'm not saying his problems are because of this....but I would NEVER take a player not trade for on that took Heroin.  At any given point this guy could fall of the wagon, no matter how nice it is to read about a feel good story and what he had overcome.  Not only that, but he's body will probably take a toll quicker than others because of it.

My Chevy Nova player is going to be Alex Rodriquez.  Why?  Because 1st of all he obviously will not put up the numbers he was projected in spring training because of his surgery.  2nd, his surgery only PARTIALLY repaired his hip...not fully repaired it.  That means one bad move and the worst can happen which leads me to the 3rd.  In an effort to keep AROD healthy, I can almost guarantee you that he will be sitting out of games more frequently than previous in an effort to keep him fresh.  With sitting out more often from this point forward, it also means his stats will not be where people are going to expect them to be.

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Posted on: May 11, 2009 10:13 am

The Chevy Nova Awards

Interesting blog. I don't think C.C. Sabathia's lack of production should shock anyone. Big money FA pitchers have historically under performed after big contracts in recent years. Think back to Barry Zito, Russ Ortiz, Carl Pavano, etc. Fortuneately I avoided Sabathia like the plague in my drafts. Hamilton is a different story. I don't think he was healthy right from the start of the season. I look  at him as a buy-low guy right now. In the leagues I own Lind, I'll gladly trade him straight up for Hamilton.

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